Compatibility: SUZUKI
Equivalent to EBC # SFA412
This Listing is for one Pair of brake pads for the following models:
F= Front - R= Rear F & R= Front & Rear
Easy Installation. Direct OEM fitment
Package: 1 Pair x Brake Pads (As in the picture)
ZP Brakes manufactures three types of brake pads specifically for scooters – organic brake pads , Red ceramic brake pads and sintered brake pads.
The Brake Pads Kevlar organic series delivers exactly that, a higher pad performance and life for the mid to heavy scooter bike range.
These scooter brake pads are made in the CHINA using 35% copper powder by weight with carbon granules . They provide a longer lifetime than original pads along with great brake effect and almost no disc damage. This compound is suitable for use on all heavier scooters with larger engines for faster street use and is perfect for use with any brake disc material.
Only premium non-toxic ingredients are used when these pads are manufactured which makes them an eco friendly product without compromising on quality. Kevlar organic of higher durability scooter pads featuring 35% copper powder by weight and carbon granules to deliver a pad that lasts far better than original pads and most competitor pads but delivers superb brake effect. The Kevlar organic series pads are a perfect choice for heavier and larger engine scooters in spirited urban use and are suitable for use with all types of disc materials.Excellent pads at an affortable price. Most popular choice.
· Carbon organic compound
· TÜV and ECE R 90 approved
· Extends lifetime over standard pads
· 30% by weight soft copper powder included enhances life but means absolutely NO disc damage
· Superb finger tip brake power and control
· Longer lifetime than pure organics, ideal for scooter hire bikes and heavier machines.

  • Ширина Изделия: 4.111cm
  • Вес товара: 0.251kg
  • Бренд: DTRAD
  • Тип товара: Диски тормоза
  • Диаметр Изделия: 91cm
  • Длина товара: 8.791cm
  • Высота Изделия: 0.841cm
  • Особые характеристики: Brake Pads
  • Подтверждение внешнего тестирования: ECE
  • Название Модели: ZP412

  • Единица измерения: Пара
  • Вес посылки: 0.4kg (0.88lb.)
  • Размер посылки: 8cm x 4cm x 12cm (3.15in x 1.57in x 4.72in)

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